A Writer’s Desk

So, to kick-start my new blog (and okay, sure, to procrastinate writing), today I’m posting a bit about my writing space/area/desk. I generally keep my writing space tidy, but I find it gets messy SO quickly, especially when I’m working on something—there are notepads sprawled across the desk and books, both fiction and non-fiction, lying haphazardly EVERYWHERE. I tend to try and not have too many fictional books around me when I’m writing—wayyyyyyy too distracting—but often I’ll have some of my favorite books around, anyway, and I suppose it doesn’t help that my bookshelf is right beside me. My desk is facing the large window, too, which kind of sucks since I find myself gazing dreamily out the window instead of, you know, actually writing. Right now I usually write in my room/the living room/sometimes the couch, but one day I would love to have an office completely dedicated to writing. (I can dreeaaaaammm!!!)


Yeppp, that is literally the color of my walls. It used to be this reallyyyyyy drab/uninspiring yellow so last year we repainted it, and I love it. It was definitely the change my room needed, and I’m so glad I did it (after agonizing for weeks about finding the “perfect” color… Totally worth the struggle.)

1. The MOST essential part of my writing—my MacBook Pro. Things that will almost always be open on my laptop: a draft of something which will usually be whatever book I’m drafting/revising at the time; the Pinterest board of said novel (not sure I could write without my Pinterest boards!? It’s a constant source of inspiration and motivation that helps so much when it comes to figuring out those pesky plots); and, of course, iTunes. 90% of the time I’ll be listening to music when I’m writing because I’m a very music-orientated writer. Sometimes I coordinate what I’m listening to when I write certain scenes, other times I’ll just have my novel playlist/soundtrack on loop when I’m drafting/revising something. I don’t, at all, have social media up when I’m working. It’s just way way way way too distracting.

2. A notebook/journal/other writing things. I like to keep this on me at all times when I’m writing. I hand-write a lot of things before I even BEGIN to draft or even revise a novel—sometimes a change in medium can boost inspiration tenfold. Beside my notebook I’ll also have my writing schedule for the year and my writing goals. I’ve scribbled all over this one with handwritten notes and bits and pieces I intend to use when I’m writing.

3. This one is so embarrassing but I’m just going to completely own it: tissues! I’m an embarrassingly emotional person (especially when I’m writing and listening to music at the same time—seriously, there’s some classical songs that make me tear up just listening to them… Don’t even get me started on Tchaikovsky’s “Valse Sentimentale” (oh my goddddd, the strings in this song tears at my heart to bits) and “Pas de Deux”), and there’s a quote by Robert Frost that’s always struck me hard– “No tears in the writer, no tears in the reader.” And that, for me, is exceptionally true. I care a lot about my characters and plots, and I probably get way too emotionally invested in them for my own good.

4. I’ll keep a small collection of books somewhere on my desk. They range anywhere from my favorite books, to classics, to reference/mythology books, to books that are on my to-be-read list.

5. My official “Wall of Inspiration”. Things I have on the Wall: some of my favorite inspirational quotes (it helps so much to ground me, to remind me of what I’m constantly working toward); my list of writing goals for 2017 (so important to me—I need to have goals to keep me focused properly); and a clean, re-printed copy of my writing schedule for the year, which, unlike the copy on my desk, hasn’t been scribbled all over so that it borders on unreadable. The wall is something that I can look up to when I’m feeling frustrated/overwhelmed…and it helps. So probably all very clichéd, but it works for me!

That’s it for today—I’m off to dive into a complete rewrite of MIDNIGHT QUEEN (my YA BaTB/Hades & Persephone/the Firebird two-book fantasy), a novel I’m infinitely passionate about because it incorporates some of my favorite myths of all time.

5 thoughts on “A Writer’s Desk

  1. Topaz says:

    What a lovely post, dear Kara! I absolutely love the shot of your writing space – your walls & the view outside are so gorgeous (& I’m infinitely envious, if we’re being honest here). I think there is absolutely no shame in getting emotional over one’s own characters; I know that I’ve cried innumerable times over my stories & poems, & I should hope the passion we both put into our work influences the readers, no? Thank you so much for sharing this with us, friend. So very inspirational. xx


  2. Cait @ Paper Fury says:

    Eeeep this is amazing and I adore the colour of your walls!! I can’t even SEE my walls because they’re covered in bookshelves….something I’m not complaining about.😂 And yesss, my mac is like the #1 most precious thing in my life. *hugs it* And I love that you have a wall of inspiration! I have a line of sticky notes on my wall to…erm, remind me what books I’ve written!?? MY MEMORY IS SO EMBARRASSINGLY BAD.😂
    I loved this, Kara! And yay for the new site being up and going!


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