Italy Recap (2018)

Hey, everyone! Uh, long time no blog, right? I seriously can’t believe that it was SEPTEMBER the last time I blogged. So, I suppose, a very belated Merry Christmas/Happy Holidays, Happy New Year…and so on. Also, somehow we’re already three months in to the new year?! It’s been going so incredibly quickly. But—at last—I’ve found the time (and energy) to put together this post. Toward the end of last year I traveled to Italy, and it truly was a magnificent time; like with Greece, I was lucky enough to see things that I’ve wanted to for literally years.

We started in Milan—which totally surprised me. I loved the blend on the ancient and the new, and the stunning architecture in and around the city was utterly gorgeous. The Duomo, the cathedral, seriously blew me away: 3400 statues, 135 gargoyles, and countless flourishes in stone and gold. So, so beautiful. Not only that, but we were literally just around the corner from the Arco Della Pace—an archway topped with Corinthian columns & incredibly detailed bronze-work.

There was so much to see—just in Milan. I adored the Sforza Castle…which, honestly, looked like it was taken straight from a fairy-tale (so, you, know, right up my alley) with the flowers & the arches & gorgeous design of the building itself. It was so curious, too, to see how Milan blended the ancient with the modern: a tramline right beside an old colonnade.

Venice was one of the highlights of the trip for me. Also…it doesn’t hurt that I had one of the best gelatos I’ve ever had there. Cappuccino flavored, and hazelnut-flavored. Gah. So good. We were lucky enough to have exceptional weather and spent so much of the day just wandering around the ancient streets. A city literally built on water—it’s amazing to see how it still stands strong. The water was stunning (and surprisingly clean), Piazza San Marco sported some of the most lovely architecture I saw there, and I loved all the narrow alleys and gondolas. Everything about Venice was picture-perfect. ❤

Florence was another history-rich place—and by far (apart from the aaaamaaazing view from the balcony of the blade we stayed at) was the Boboli Gardens. Despite the overcast weather & infuriating rain, of my god, it was so much more extensive than I was expecting, full of shaded arbors, walkways, statues, fountains, and an exquisite view of the city itself. I—of course—fell ill in Sorrento (and then Rome) but thankfully managed to recover enough to see some of the lovely places in Rome that I’d been dying to.

Rome’s colosseum was…spectacular. Walking down the main walkway and seeing the columns, the arches—gah. So beautiful. It’s impossible to describe just how much history was written there—how much blood was shed, and how, after so damned long, it’s still standing.

Fun fact: I studied Pompeii in high school, and it’s something that I’ve wanted to see with my own two eyes since then. For such an ancient city—and thanks to Mt. Vesuvius—so much of the city was preserved, so much left for us to explore. We spent an entire afternoon walking the streets, and honestly, I could have spent an entire day there. It’s incredible to hear that they’re still uncovering more things from the city. Just truly amazing! An experience that I don’t think I’d ever forget, really.

Let’s talk travel, guys! Have you been to Greece/Italy/Europe? Any favorite places? You can see more pictures of my Italy tip on my Instagram HERE!

6 thoughts on “Italy Recap (2018)

  1. CG @ Paper Fury says:

    This is so amazing! I’m glad you got to see Italy and so many of its wonders…I definitely dream of seeing some of Europe someday, but Venice yessss. I’ve read books set there and it always seems so magical how it was built.


  2. Camilla @ Reader in the Attic says:

    You did a really nice tour in my country 🙂 I’m glad you liked it!

    I hope you can get a second chance to pass by again because there’re so many regions and everything inside them that sometimes end up being skipped in favours of bigger/main cities. Despite being a city girl myself, I’m always amazed but some minor places in my own country.


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