Greece Recap + Getting Back Into the Groove of Things

Finally, I’m getting a chance to write up this post!! I came back from Greece a little while back…and it was amazing. I knew, of course, that I’d like it—but it was truly an amazing experience. So much of what I’m currently writing is inspired by Greek mythology and seeing things that I’ve dreamt of … Continue reading Greece Recap + Getting Back Into the Groove of Things


Author Interview: C.G. Drews (AKA Paperfury!)

Hi, everyone! So I’m back from Greece (I’ll have a recap post up here soon, but long story short, it was AMAZING & a literal dream come true for me), and super let-jagged...but I’m pleased to say that today, I have the absolute honor of interviewing C.G. Drews! You probably know her from her hilarious, … Continue reading Author Interview: C.G. Drews (AKA Paperfury!)

Revision Blues

So today, I wanted to talk about something that EVERY writer experiences during editing. The revision blues. Right now, I’m about a quarter way through this draft of TEOS...and while I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE this novel, I’ve chosen to completely bend the shape of this manuscript. It’s hard, but I just know that when I’m … Continue reading Revision Blues